Hearing Aid Brands

We are proud to be an independent retailer of hearing aids and will always recommend the brand and model that best suits you, from all options available, rather than searching through a few designated product lines for what might work. Though we source from the entire market, here are a few of the leading brands that we offer.
Starkey Hearing aids


Starkey is one of the leading brands in the hearing aid industry. They use premium materials, technology, and custom fittings to create products that are comfortable, stylish, and innovative. Each product is carefully crafted to provide the best possible hearing experience. Starkey utilized technological innovations and advances in speech processing algorithms, noise management strategies, and artificial intelligence to enhance the quality of people's lives.
Oticon Hearing aids


Oticon's BrainHearing™ technology is a revolutionary approach to hearing aids that have been proven to assist the brain in detecting, recognizing, and understanding sound. Their devices are designed to give users access to the full sound scene, even detecting faint sounds and enhancing them. Their hearing aids have powerful digital noise reduction capabilities as well as user-preferred sound settings, making them a popular choice.
Oticon Hearing aids
Phonak Hearing aids


Phonak is a hearing technology company that has been providing superior products to help people prosper both emotionally and socially by improving their hearing. The company calls this "Well-Hearing." Phonak crafts cutting-edge hearing technologies and provides an unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction. The company strives to remove barriers and empower users by enabling them to realize their full potential. Phonak combines the latest technologies with advanced fitting algorithms and real ear measurement systems.
Phonak Hearing aids
ReSound Hearing aids


ReSound is a global hearing solutions leader that offers superior products in over 80 countries. It was the first brand to provide state-of-the-art 2.4GHz technology in hearing aids and the first to produce the industry's "Made for Apple" devices that allowed direct stereo sound streaming. ReSound provides comprehensive solutions with its cutting-edge technologies to aid those that find it difficult to hear, helping them rediscover sound and live fuller lives. Their products are respected around the world for their focus on leveraging new technologies to enhance the user experience by addressing individual anatomy and physiology.
ReSound Hearing aids
Widex Hearing aids


Widex is the top hearing aid brand of WS Audiology and was founded with the philosophy of making "wonderful sound accessible to all." They design products with the primary goal of consistently delivering exceptional experiences to their users. The company has a commitment to excellence and strives to progress humanity as a united people for better and more effective solutions. This combination of masterful manufacturing and humanitarian values has propelled the company's prominence in the industry.
Widex Hearing aids


EarLens recognizes that people with hearing loss should not have to worry about their hearing in everyday circumstances. EarLens was purposely conceived to address the grievances of sound quality and speech comprehension that are customary among those wearing hearing aids and contribute to non-use. Earlens devices are made specifically to fit the individual patient's physical dimensions and hearing requirements while delivering contemporary amenities such as Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
Signia Hearing aids


Signia produces sleekly designed hearing aids that are equipped with the latest technology. Their latest (2021) model is the Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aid. This is an in-the-ear hearing aid that is worn in the ear canal. These rechargeable hearing aids offer the following key features: Android and iPhone connectivity, AI assistant, and a customized fit.

Signia also makes the Styletto Connect which completely revamps behind the ear hearing aids. This device comes with a pocket-sized portable charging case that provides a 3-day charge. The sleek design also comes in different colors and the device offers a range of features including Bluetooth connectivity, tinnitus management features, and an app to personalize your hearing experience.

Signia Hearing aids

How we make recommendations for you

As we work with you to find the model of hearing aid that will most successfully address your hearing loss, we look to a few additional factors in order to find the best fit. 

Degree of hearing loss
Some models work best for mild hearing loss, while others are designed for more severe hearing loss. We will always use your unique pattern of hearing loss to guide us towards a solution that works best for you.

It’s vital to consider how comfortable you will be removing and inserting your hearing aids. The most important aspect of wearing hearing aids is actually wearing them. If you find them difficult to use, the odds that you’ll continue to wear them will fall dramatically. For this reason, if dexterity is an issue for you, we’ll always keep that front of mind so that you’re comfortable using your investment.

What are the listening scenarios that need to be enhanced in your life? If a subtle pair to wear at the office to improve your confidence in team meetings is your primary goal, we’ll source hearing aids that fit that bill. If you’re an avid hiker and need a pair that can withstand wind, sleet, rain, and snow, we’ll make sure that water-resistant is at the top of the list. 

With greater technology comes smarter hearing aids that can react to complicated listening environments, like group events, concerts, and parties. If those aren’t situations you care about, then there’s no sense spending the money to invest in a high-tech model. 

Comfort with new technology
Some people not only want the latest technologies, but they also thrive on them. These early adopters would upgrade to the latest hearing aid model each year if they could. 

Still others among us are comfortable with what they already know and would keep the same hearing aids for decades if their hearing loss levels permit them.

We know that everyone has different approaches to technology and we seek to find the balance between the enhancements and options you need, your budget, and your personal level of comfort with technology.

Our first job is listening to you and your needs so that we can make ideal recommendations that dramatically enhance your listening life.

We make sure hearing impairment does not steer your life - with a passion for better hearing since 1976!

For the best solutions to all your hearing healthcare needs, look no further than Colorado Hearing & Tinnitus!